Ecology and Science of St Mary's Glacier, CO   (Under Construction)


This page is a resource of information and disciplines in and around the Arapaho National Forest, particularly the St Mary's / Alice Historical Community.

Forestry Ecology & Bristle Cone Pine

St Mary's is set directly nessled in subalpine Spruce and Lodgepole pine, as well as the ancient Bristle Cone Pine that makes it long life on the edge of tree line usually between 10,500 feet and 11,500.  The St Mary's community of forests stands make it through the severe Pine Beatle crisis of the last decade, and very few trees suffered damage or loff of life.  For more info, click on the image above.

Geology and Mining

Mining in the late 1800s was the foundation of Alice, 94 and St Mary's Glacier.  Oh, can't forget Winterland!  That's what they used to call the area where the old lodge sat, next to Silver Lake.  

St Mary's Glacier
Yankee Hill, Alice  History

St Mary's Glacier, CO is a special place full of history, ghost towns, outlaws, pioneers, mining, skiing, recreation, lodging and of course jaw dropping scenery!  

Click on the image above to learn more about the historical value of an Amazing alpine community.


Clear Creek County is a hotbed of recreation in Colorado.   Much of it started in St Mary's, Alice and Winterland, with the Ski Area, Winterland Lodge, Summer cabins on Silver Lake Lodge, and recreating on the Glacier.