3 and 6 Seater ATV Options

New!  3 Seater ATV (Sporty!)
 Group 6 Seater ATV 
Experience the wilderness in style with our new 3 and 6 seater ATVs.  You can drive if you are 18 or over and have a valid driver license.   The 3 seater is perfect for a couple, or 3 adults.  The 6 seater is perfect for families with kids and small groups of 3 or more.  
Note:  Any Driver is responsible for any damages to the machine during use.
Each driver and adult passenger must sign a waiver accepting responsibility.

2 hour ATV Experience

Viking 3 Seat:  $350 per machine

(Seating up to 3)

Viking 6 Seat:  $450 per machine

(seating up to 6)

4 hour atv Experience

Viking 3:  $650 per machine

(seating up to 3)

Viking 6:  $750 per machine

(seating up to 6)

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Booking a tour is easy, book online now with the following steps.   Call us with questions, or click on FAQ s.


1.  Review the pricing options Above.  Determine how many people you will have.

2.  Click the "Book Online Now" button. 

3.  Select the trip length and type that suites your needs.

4.  Select the date Ticket type and Quantity you would like to book, then enter your payment information securely.

2 hr - 10am, 2pm, 6pm 

4 hr - Call for availability

Arrive 30 minutes prior.


Sunset 2 hr:  6pm

by special request.

Tour Times


Reservation Fee: Each ticket will be assessed a $.99 fee for processing.  

Processing Fee: Each reservation incures a 2.75% fee for payment and reservation processing.

Included:  Helmets, rain gear, water and professional guide.  No Tax for this Service.

Corporate/Group Rates: call or click here


Viking 3 Seater = 3 vehicles (up to 3 people per machine.)

Viking 6 Seater = 3 vehicles (up to 6 people per machine.)   

Reservation Policy:  Reservations are required.

ATV Experience will charge your credit card for the balance of the tour reservation when the reservation is made by phone or online. 

Cancellation Policy:  

ATV Experience will refund the balance of your reservation prior to 72 hours, if requested.  Within 72 hours the reservation is non-refundable.  However, we ALWAYS take into consideration emergencies, natual disasters, or other extreme situation on a case by case basis.  We will work with you to move the reservation, or refund some or all of the reservation based on time of year and demand.  

Drugs and Alchohol:

We at ATV Experience understand you are probably on vacation, enjoying some needed time off, however, if you show up drunk or high, you will not be allowed to drive the ATV.  Be smart, don't ruin an amazing experience, for yourself or your party.  Arrive sober and ready to enjoy the day!




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