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Desert Ecology Observation Field Trips! 

For questions and alternate availability, please call (760) 861-7823

 3 Seater .... $450/vehicle


 6 Seater .... $550/vehicle


11am  (Call for alternate)


Must be 21 to rent and accept responsibility for any damages

18 years old to drive

Description of the Observation Field Trip.


The Chiriaco Plateau, is a microclimate of the Colorado Desert (part of the Sonoran Desert) about 1600 feet above sea level east of Indio and the San Andreas Fault at the top of the Mecca Hills Conservation Area, north of the Orocopia Mountains Wilderness, and south of Joshua Tree National Park.  This protected area (Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan) is prime habitat for the endangered Desert Tortoise, and threatened Big Horn Sheep, as well as the Chuckwalla lizard.  I-10 is a massive habitat disturbance for all of the desert wildlife between Joshua Tree National Park, and the Wilderness lands of the Orocopia Mountains and Mecca Hills.  

We travel 15 to 25 mph through established roads and approved trails stopping at several key points in the Plateau to observe key plant and tree species like Creosote, Smoke Tree, Palo Verde, Ironwood, Desert Lavender, Cholla Cactus, Ocotillo forests, Microphyll Woodlands, and view exposed minerals and  geologic earth forces of the San Andreas Fault Tectonics.

Desert Stewards' Field trips are not a place to "rip it up" or go faster than 20 miles per hour.  You can find other organizations that offer these exhilerating benefits.  We offer meaningful desert ecosystem engagement and jaw dropping views with enough excitement along the way for a feeling of fresh, safe outdoor wilderness engagement.  Please call if you have questions.  Reservations only, please call or book ahead.

Note:  Customers may drive with valid driver license 18 or older and willing to take responsibility for any damages that might happen while driving.  A Human GPS will still be with your group, in another machine for safety and knowledge. 

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