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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We realize you may have some questions about the tour, the machines, the trails, or any number of things, so please read through the following and call us if you need further clarification on anything.

Describe the tour and the trails, please?


This is desert trail riding, not sand dunes.  We ride on existing trail system the Meccacopia Special Recreation Management Area, just south of Joshua Tree National Park, 50 minutes east of Palm Springs along I-10.  The Trails are sandy, or hardpack sand, with shrubs and cactus on either side of the trail.   NO OFF TRAIL EVER!   ZERO TOLERANCE

Where are you located?  How far are you from Palm Springs?


Chiriaco Summit, CA is located roughly 50 minutes east of Palm Springs, CA.  35 minutes from Palm Desert.  You meet us at Chiriaco Summit, just past the Chevron Station on the right hand side.  Exit 173 on I-10 East.  Please visit our contact page for a map and directions.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time, so we may get your gear set up and go over a training session about the machine and the trail.

Can we do 1 hour tour instead of 2 or 3?


We have a minimum of 2 hours for each tour because it takes a lot of effort to get ready for the tour.  Your guide has to drive up from the Valley also, and so we keep a minimum of 2 hours.  HOWEVER, if you are a large party and would like to break up into two groups, we can do an hour for slightly more per group in order to accomodate everyone.  Please call for more details, and ask for Randy.

What age do you have to be to drive?


Drivers should be 21 or order with experience.  If you have questions, or If your kids are experienced drivers and have their own machines, please call for more details.  We have double machines, so if someone can not drive they can be a passenger.  Drivers must be 21 in order to have a passenger.

How many people can you accomodate?

up to 9 People.  

Do you offer discounts?  please call

What should we wear/bring on the tour?


During Summer months, you will want to wear clothing to cover up your skin, if you are sensitive to the sun.  Wear closed toed shoes.  During winter, dress appropriately.  It can get chilly, so wear layers and bring a jacket.  Check the weather, and take off about 7 degrees for Chiriaco Summit, if you are in the valley.

What equipment do you provide?


We provide Helmets, Gloves, Goggles, Bandanas, and Water.  Bring a smile and a good attitude and we will have a blast exploring the desert together!  Bathroom facilities are located at Chiriaco Summit Cafe and restaurant as well as the gas station.  They have food, drinks, soft serve, gas and the General Patton Museum.

Where do we get to experience the desert?


We travel on designated trails within the Meccacopia Special Recreation Management area, which includes both public and private lands having existing OHV rated trails, as well as on Powerline Rdand Gasline Rd.  The majority or our travel is on private lands that are part the management area.

Are Reservations Required?


Yes!  We provide the ATV Experience by reservation, in order to make it most efficient and cost effective for everyone.  Please call ahead for a reservation, and you will make the payment at the time of the reservation just like an airline.  Please leave a message when you call, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is your cancellation policy?


Once we make the reservation and retain payment for your event, we provide a window of 72 hours to cancel.  Within this time the reservation is non-refundable.  We will gladly try to alter the timing of your event, or refund anyone that has been delayed on a flight, or had some emergency.  We don't like making money from people that have a misfortune that is unavoidable.  Please call us as soon as you know you have a problem, and we will find the best solution for your circumstances.

Can I alter the tour time to help my schedule?


Possibly!  We try to abide by the fixed timing of the tours, to ensure propery booking and planning. However, if we are not already busy, and can alter the time of your tour to help you, we will do our best.  Please just call and let us know what we can do to help you enjoy the tour the most!

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start?


Thank you!

Can multiple people drive the 3 or 6 seater?


Yes!  If one of your party has experience with side by side ATVs, or is experienced with off roading, they can drive, understanding that if they damage any part of the tires or wheel, they are responsible for replacement cost.  We provide a Human GPS that goes with either in the vehicle or in another vehicle in front.  This allows for the Human GPS to take over during the tour and allow everyone to enjoy the scenery and journey through the wilderness.

What is the youngest age for kids to go as passengers?


5 yrs +  The passenger needs to be 6 years and up to be able to go with an adult.

What is the Ecological Zone called?

We ride in the Colorado Desert, part of the Sonoran Desert that stretches thru Arizona and Mexico.

We will be riding through Creosote Scrub filled with various shrubs, flowering bushes and cactus of many variety, including several Cholla variety.  

Microphyll Woodlands are scattered throughout the Chiriaco Plateau, particularly noticable in washes and canyons which receive and store the most amount of water.  In this mix we see plenty of Ironrood, Palo Verde, some Mesquitte, and of course Ocotillo, the coral like deciduous beauty of form and function.

After a rain, it all changes, and revives for a spell, like the desert Tortoise in late September or early March.  Sometimes, like the last 2 years through Covid, the desert dried up, and has been revived with rains from the early fall of 2022.  We say a blessing to the creator for live giving water in a dry land.

Will we see animals while on the trail?


Yes!  We often see Deer, Rabbits, Ground squirrel, Lizards, lots of small birds, Red Tail Hawks, Eagles.

We see less of the following animals:  Snakes, Coyotes, endangered desert Tortoise, Tarantula.  

Morning or dusk is the best time to see most of the them.  The reptiles will be out during the hot parts of the day when its cooler at night.  

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