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Chiriaco Summit Desert Ecology

Viking 3 Observation Rental     Viking 6 Observation Rental
(seats 2-3)                                        (seats up to 6)    
Our equipment allows us to enjoy the scenery and journey through the desert together.  Switch off driving if you are over 18 with valid license.  

Note:  Driver must accept financial responsibility for any damages to the machine.

2 Hr Experience ...... $500/vehicle

not incluing 2.5% booking fee

or gratuity.  

2 Hr Experience ...... $600/vehicle

not incluing 2.5% booking fee

or gratuity.  

The Fine Print........

Must be 18 years old to drive ATVs.  Call us if you have a question.

Note:  Time is actual riding or driving time, not including safety talk. 

Note:  We provide guided tours, not rentals.  This is for safety reasons, timing, and the opportunity to have an expert to experience the desert with.  This is an exciting tour, not a place to "rip it up".


Cancellation Policy:  

ATV Experience will refund the balance of your reservation prior to 72 hours, if requested.  Within 72 hours the reservation is non-refundable.  However, we do take into consideration emergencies, natural disasters, or other extreme situation on a case by case basis.  We will work with you to move the reservation, or refund some or all of the reservation based on time of year and demand.  

Reservation Policy:  Reservations are required.

ATV Experience will charge your credit card for the balance of the tour reservation when the reservation is made by phone or online.  You can cancel 72 hours prior to your event date if necessary.  ​

Drugs and Alchohol:

We at ATV Experience understand you are probably on vacation, enjoying some needed time off, If you plan to drive, we do not allow persons to drive that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Wait until after the ride to enjoy any mind altering substnace.  Thank you!! Safety first.

Reservation Fee:  2.5%, plus .99 per ticket processing fee.


Pricing includes:   Helmets, Gloves, Goggles, Bandana, and water.  Gratuity is NOT included.  There is No Tax for this Service, only processing fee and booking fee.


What you get with each tour!

1.  An Amazing outdoor wilderness experience that will refresh your soul. 

2.  Private experience.  You are in your own vehicle.  We may have another group/machines together with your booking, yet you will have your own vehicle.  Max 2 vehicles.

3.  Human Global Positioning System Included with years of programming, knowledge and ability to handle any situation that may arise on your tour to maintain safety and timeliness.  This is priceless, because safety is first!

4.  We provide gear at no charge: helmets, gloves, water, bandanas and goggles.


Capacity:  9 people

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