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Hotel California
Orocopia Mtns
2-4 hour


If you want a beginner trail, and has some really fun twists and turns, the Hotel California trail is it!

It starts at the base of the Orocopia Mountains on the north side, and snakes its way up into the foothills, through canyons, and washes, with supurb views and fantastic geological formations.

On part of the trip you wind your way up to an old cabin built into the rocks, named Hotel California. Don't worry, we're not checking in!

Red Canyon Trail
4 hour


The Red Canyon Trail is dubbed the "Little Grand Canyon" of the desert. Along the way to the canyon you experience great wide open desert landscapes. Then the hills and whoop De Doos begin, and you are a kid again at the adventure park on the wild ride!

After the more technical parts you begin riding along side of the canyon with spectacular views along the East side. You will definitely need your camera for this trail!

Depending on time, we decend to the edge of the canyon where it meets the Bradshaw Trail where you can explore an old trail track from the pioneer days!

Lost Arch & Pride Rock
2 hour

About 5 miles east Chiriaco Summit lies several Inselberg granite arch formations, as seen in Joshua Tree National Park to the north.

The route is moderate, and yet very exciting.  The arch and other formations are an incredible relic of the past and the forces of nature and water erosion over time in the desert.

Definitely bring your camera for this tour!  We don't allow climbing on the rocks for safety reasons and to preserve the formation in tact for future generations.

We can also combine this route with the Hotel California trail for a 3 or 4 hrs tour.

Meccacopia Trail /
Little Box Canyon
4 hour 
(Closed for Trail Maintenance - Rain Storm)


If you push further south on the Meccacopia trail you get to several spectacular views of the Salton Sea acompanied by inner canyon trails that wind in and around the Mecca Badlands, just north of the lake.

This trail has more of the whoop de doos, but is still intermediate. For a 4 hour tour we stop at the Haley Todd Ridge for an incredible view of the Salton Sea and the Badlands.

The Salton Sea is the largest lake in California and very salty, as a remnant of the ancient ocean that was here.

This tour is by special appt, since it is a long tour.